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Uplighting for your Wedding Reception Venue

DRAMATIC setting

One of the biggest advantages of using uplights is that it will be in every picture your photographer takes as well. The lights have a huge impact on the setting of your venue at a very affordable price. 

CREATE a mood

The lighting package includes setup and tear down. Our lights are wireless for a neat and clean appearance. Before buying expensive extra flowers, favors, or other types of decorations, add the affordable elegance of uplighting to your wedding. Uplights not only work well during the entire event, they also make your flowers and decorations shine throughout the evening. 

In every Photo

Think about how many photographs are taken at a Wedding Reception. Now image all backgrounds matched your wedding colors and looked much cooler than a plain wall behind them.  The UpLights will enhance not only your Wedding Photographers photographs but all of your guests photos and videos as well.

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